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Our diverse capabilities in quartzware fabrication enable United Silica Products to manufacture all variations of quartzware required by the semiconductor, fiber optic, and photovoltaic industries, as well as research and development facilities. We fabricate a full spectrum of standard and custom designed quartzware, allowing us to serve many areas of the semiconductor industry. USP manufactures a complete line of vertical and horizontal furnace quartzware, RTA/RTP and single wafer processing quartzware, EPI/Plasma Etch quartzware, wet process, and crystal growing quartzware and many other specialty quartz products.

USP serves businesses, universities, and R&D labs all over the globe, from small colleges and private facilities up to the largest corporate entities. All of our quartz products are fabricated to meet the most stringent requirements for dimensional accuracy, purity, heat resistance, and particle control. Our state-of-the art fabrication techniques, advanced control systems, and measurement equipment utilized throughout the production process and at the final quality assurance stage ensure complete customer satisfaction. The highest level of pride and craftsmanship go into each and every quartz product that United Silica Products manufactures. United Silica Products stands ready to work with you for all your quartzware requirements, as a member of your team, to help you successfully reach your goals from design concept through completion.

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