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United Silica Products - Customer Design and Engineering Support

Customer Design & Engineering Support

The ability to provide creative solutions to challenging design problems is what makes United Silica Products the premier manufacturer of custom quartzware. United Silica's design and fabrication team draws on decades of experience to develop innovative approaches that meet your most exacting design requirements. At United Silica Products we work together with our customers at every step of the process, from design conception and planning, to initial prototypes, and production. Let United Silica Products make your visions a reality.

United Silica Products - OEM Replacements, Reverse Engineering and Repair

OEM Replacements, Reverse Engineering & Repair

United Silica Products offers a no cost evaluation and analysis of your quartzware that may require reverse engineering, repair or modification. A quotation is provided based on the extent of the repair or modification before any work begins. All quartzware repairs are completed and inspected to original specifications, or to any modified dimensions or configurations specified by the customer. We may also be able to suggest a modification that, based on our experience, would provide enhanced durability or cost reduction. In many cases, USP can repair or modify your quartzware at a fraction of the cost of new replacements. Allow United Silica Products to help in reducing you quartzware expenses.

United Silica Products - Quartzware Performance and Lifetime Improvements

Quartzware Performance & Lifetime Improvements

Founded in 1988, United Silica Products has developed and implemented innovative concepts and manufacturing techniques that enhance the performance of fabricated quartzware. USP has extensive experience providing quartzware for the semiconductor industry and its foundries, as well as the crystal growing and fiber optic industries. Our products have been used in many worldwide, commercial, research and development projects, as well as advanced technical schools and colleges. In order to enhance the performance and durability of quartzware in certain process applications, USP can provide surface treatments and designs that will maximize the productivity and usable life of your quartzware. United Silica Products constantly strives to exceed the quality and performance standards of the quartzware industry worldwide.



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Essential Customer Support Services

United Silica Products - Competitive Prices

Competitive Prices

United Silica Products - On time Deliveries

On time Deliveries

United Silica Products - World Class Quality

World Class Quality

Since it's founding in 1988, United Silica Products, an ISO 9001 certified company, has strived to fulfill the ever changing quartzware requirements of the semiconductor, fiber optic, solar energy, crystal growing, and many other industries. Located on four acres, our facility utilizes the expertise of master glassblowers with decades of combined experience to create world class products on state-of-the-art equipment.